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Sagar Tolaney

I came to know about Wax through a great gentleman named nycwatchguy on instagram. I talked with him and he happened to be from the sake country as I am. So we clicked right there and from there it was easy. I was connected with Andrew at Wax and he took great care of me explaining the process and the way the Wax app works. I think the app is super easy to navigate, add or delete watches that have left your collection or vice versa, and it is just few clicks. It is that simple. The app is user friendly and the customer support I got is impeccable. I don't want to spend hours explaining removal/ additions of watches to the insurance company. You don't have that with Wax. The process is much smoother and simple and I highly recommend anyone who is looking for insuring their watch collection. Prices are very fair and lower compared to Jewelers mutual. So there is that! Overall I am very satisfied with Wax and their customer support.

Carter Matlock

Wax Insurance was very easy to deal with and extremely affordable. Each interaction I had with a customer service representative was helpful and informative. I would highly recommend Wax for your insurance needs based of their quick and convenient service!

Brandon Zabodyn

After trying multiple different avenues for insuring my collection over the last 10+ years, thankfully I found Wax and a superior solution. The app was easy to navigate and build out my collection and their team made the entire process smooth as can be. Looking forward to doing more business and seeing what else Wax can do in the future for me.


The WAX team, especially Jeremy, is incredibly responsive, makes you feel like a member of a family of collectors as opposed to just another policy holder. The app is easy, intuitive to use when adding items or changing your coverage, and is constantly improving. It's very convenient having a single trusted platform to insure my watches and my wife's jewelry. WAX on!

Steven Schwartz

Huge fan of WAX Insurance! An insurance experience I actually enjoyed and learned from. It was so simple to upload my collectibles into the WAX app and quickly obtain insurance while their team was there to support me as needed. Highly recommend!

Josh Shanks

Great service for collectors with a wide variety of pieces at various values to insure. I primarily went with WAX because I didn't want the hassle of appraising watches with a value of 2-5k. Everyone I've interacted with at the company has been great. The only drawback would be that the app, while user friendly, doesn't quite offer the full experience and human interaction is still needed. le. when I sought an appraisal for about 10 watches, I had to go through a survey process, only for it to then go back to the Concierge who made me fill a similar survey out and returned with a higher quote. I understand this is due to underwriting changes, but it would be nice if this process was more seamless. It also takes forever for the policy to be live in the app (I understand once I pay i'm protected, but the app is a nice peace of mind). I've already added two watches to the policy, so happy to be a repeat customer.


Jeremy and Andrew were instrumental in helping me to obtain coverage for my Vacheron under tight time constraints. Wax is a premium provider that offers personalized service!

Raja R

WAX Insurance is neat. I knew about WAX since around April or May 2020. However, it was Jeremy (@timepeacelove on Instagram) who convinced me WAX is the way to go. Insuring a watch is as easy as clicking 3 pictures and a very short wait for the coverage to start. The app is well designed keeping in mind the user experience. Andrew, Director of Underwriting at WAX is quick and precise in his responses. I would highly recommend WAX not just for insuring watches but insuring other collectible items as well. Come for the insurance, stay for their customer service.

Greg Wirtz

I've been a customer since Healy the beginning. Great customer service, very easy to setup and get quotes quickly. Very fair pricing. Highly recommend.

Stewart Clarfield

On my first attempt to use the Wax App, I found it to be intuitive and user-friendly. If you have any questions, the Wax service team is easily accessible. Since I am an insurance broker, and so pleased with my own experience using Wax, I am now a producer for Wax. I offer Wax Insurance as part of my portfolio to my clientele.


Everything I've been looking for! Unfortunately my homeowners insurance has a limit on handbags. WAX has given me that extra comfort I've looked for and now I don't worry about my investments. I've already recommended to my friends.

Bruce Deeble

The easiest way to obtain insurance for your treasures. Couldn't be happier.

Justin M

Wax did a great job of insuring my vintage Star War collection.. The sales rep was very knowledgeable and did a good job of explaining the website. They gave me an accurate quote of my collection in a timely manner.. I would recommend Wax to anyone who has collectibles and wants them insured.

Jesus Solis

Excellent service, especially from Jeremy Caparas. Jeremy is committed in assisting his customers and making it a pleasant experience dealing with Wax insurance.

Pete K

Had a very pleasant experience with Wax Insurance. I tried previously to use my homeowners with an umbrella policy to insure my watch collection and it became a giant runaround with appraisals and receipts. Wax was not only quick and easy to use (uploading photos) but the head of customer success reached out to me to let me know my watches are insured and safe. I highly recommend this company.

Matthew V

FINALLY an application of technology that makes insurance as close to fun as it probably will get! The setup process for specialized collectables was straight forward and easy to do, with multiple options for how to upload pictures and what sort of info was needed. The great thing here is that you do NOT need to call an agent every time a piece is added to your collection (you can, but for small pieces, that are more about bookkeeping, this is a GREAT feature). Being able to combine fine art and trading cards in one policy is also great, because keeping track of which underwriter does what can be a pain as collections grow.

Paul P

Jeremy is the best. Extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.

Andre G

It's been a really fast and worry-free process to get covered with WAX. Their VIP Concierge team, especially Jeremy, is super responsive and answered all of my questions. The app's UI is super clean. So far I can only highly recommend WAX. They seemed the most modern amongst their competitors and I could feel that they genuinely care about my collection.

Pamela C

Your insurance came through when I couldn't found any company

Doug Sovern

Professional, responsive, friendly, and courteous are just a few words that come to mind when I think of my experience with Wax Insurance and particularly Andrew Schmer. I was reluctant to work with a different insurer for my Rolexes as I try to run all of my policies through the same company to maximize my discounts. My broker from another large insurer encouraged me to work with Wax for my watches as he said they had the best coverage and that he even used them for his wife's wedding ring - that meant a lot to me. I insured my watches with Wax back in January and the process was quick and easy and Andrew was quick to answer my questions. I recently dropped one of my watches and shattered the crystal. I went to a local jeweler who sent my watch to Rolex for a repair estimate. Upon receipt of the estimate I went to the Wax App and submitted my claim. Within a couple hours Andrew reached out to me with a few questions and within 24 hours my claim was fully approved. I also must add that Daniel Odum (my Claims Adjuster) was equally friendly and responsive. Wax Insurance - you have a customer for life and I am grateful to be working with you! Thank you!


Jeremy was very responsive and helpful with all of my questions. Since insuring a collection of valuables was new to me, I needed some help with the process. I'm very happy this service exists for those who have a passion for their collectors items.

James Lamdin

WAX Continues to be an innovator in the field of bespoke solutions for collectors. I've long been a fan of their timepiece coverage offerings and am pleased to expand my coverage into other categories of collectibles. Bravo and thank you to the entire team for coming up with thoughtful solutions!

Farid K

Excellent service, especially from Jeremy. He is committed in assisting his customers and making it a pleasant experience.

James P

After downloading the app, uploading 2 photos, and answering a few watch-specific questions, coverage for my Rolex was approved. The process from start to finish took only a few days. It's an impressive company run by professionals.

Paul P

Extremely user-friendly and straightforward experience in an otherwise archaic and fragmented industry. They covered my watch collection and artwork in one policy within hours.

Christopher B

Excellent product-- quick to go through the entire process and the app is very intuitive and easy to use!

Jim M

Let's be real, the act of insuring your valuables is typically viewed as a necessary evil. The process is usually never fun, and it takes a lot of time with a lot of paperwork depending on how many things you're insuring. However, the WAX model seems to have transcended this age-old status quo. With an easy-to-use app, you upload a couple of photos for each of your items, and then get a quote within a day or so with minimal paperwork from an industry-leading underwriter. It's a painless... dare I say "fun" process. In addition to this, they walk the walk of what it truly means to be customer centric, which again, is not typically affiliated with insurance experiences. Before I even applied for a quote, Jeremy met with me live to walk through the myriad of questions & concerns that I had, and hand-held me throughout the entire process. The team as a whole is extremely accessible, including their CEO Rich. Hopefully I'II never have to file a claim, but in the end, I'm glad I chose WAX.

Rich C

It was super easy and quick to get coverage in the Wax App compared to traditional insurance companies. No appraisals. Protection against market value volatility. Coverage for a wide variety of luxury goods and collectibles. Great customer service. Created by collectors themselves so you know you are in good hands.


Wax adds the personal touch to the impersonal (and boring) world of insurance. Jeremy and team have been there at every turn to get my policy set up and answer any questions that may arise. The team is clearly true collectors themselves and they understand the collector mindset - not something you often see in a financial product-based world. As an apartment renter, my options for insuring my watch collection. are limited, but their prices are highly competitive.


With out Jeremy I don't think I could do the wax insurance...

Jonathan C

Before Wax, I had a standard jewelry rider on my homeowner's insurance policy. Frankly, it was insufficient coverage. For roughly the same cost as my old policy, I now have the best insurance coverage in the marketplace underwritten by Chubb. Not only do I have the best watch insurance now, but Wax's customer service and support is second to none. Jeremy was instrumental in educating me and making sure that my watch collection is properly insured. It was a snap to use the Wax App and get my watches insured. Jeremy has gone above and beyond to bring me into the Wax family. Consider me a customer for life.


First class treatment all the wav. Easv app based program. but more importantlv of vou need to speak with someone they call you right away. Speak to Jeremy, he won't let you down! Canceling homeowners coverage for my collection and going with Wax!

Brendan B

Amazing service with white glove customer service! The entire team made the process of documenting pieces, getting coverage and understanding coverage incredibly easy. I wish I would've found WAX earlier!

Kelly S

Super simple and easy process to add items to WAX quote and policy. The app is great and it's awesome to see your scheduled items easily and at your fingertips. Jeremy was wonderful in providing assistance and communication to us throughout the process and outstanding in his follow up to confirm that everything was set and in place. Highly recommend!

Amrit M

Samantha Bekman and Andrew Schmer have been the most helpful people in the insurance industry I have dealt with. They are personable, kind, and logical. WAX is very lucky to have them both. Thank you.
Protection from the unexpected.

WAX Insurance Services has partnered with Chubb to protect all of your treasured items under a single policy, in minutes.


If a fire destroys your historic baseball card collection, we can help you replace it.


When your dog uses your luxury handbag as a chew toy, we give you the option to repair or replace.


If a water leak damages your artwork, we can make you whole again.


Whether your watch or precious jewelry piece is lost, stolen or misplaced, we can help.

A valuable articles policy, backed by CHUBB, is designed to cover your items for each of these perils. Speak with your WAX agent for more information on the precise terms of coverage offered.

WAX¹ vs Standard Homeowner's Insurance

While typical homeowner’s policies are designed to protect your home and what’s inside, there is often limited coverage for valuables that get lost, stolen, or damaged. With a valuable articles policy, you can protect the special possessions that matter to you.

WAX Insurance shield icon
Requires Appraisals
Jewelry items over $100,000,
Fine art over $250,000
Requires Detailed Inventory
No, just snap a picture
Pays Claims
Up to 150% replacement for a covered loss³
Depreciated Value
No deductible for most causes of loss
$500 per occurence or more
As low as 1% of value
2-5% of value
Coverage Limits
High limits available, including $1 million or more
Coverage for some valuables limited to $500 - $2,500
Insures Against Risk oF Accidental Breakage
¹Coverage is underwritten by Chubb. Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to the subsidiaries and authorized insurance underwriting companies of Chubb Limited.
²ISO homeowner’s form comparison
3If the item’s current market value exceeds the itemized limit, up to the policy limit
Requires Appraisals
WAX Insurance shield icon
Jewelry items over $100k, Fine art over $250k
WAX Insurance shield icon
No, just snap
a picture
WAX Insurance shield icon
Up to 150% replacement
for a covered loss³
Depreciated value
WAX Insurance shield icon
No deductible for most causes of loss
$500 per occurrence or more
WAX Insurance shield icon
As low as 1%
of value
of value
WAX Insurance shield icon
High limits available, including $1 million or more
Coverage for some valuables limited to $500 - $2,500
WAX Insurance shield icon
¹Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providing insurance and related services.
²ISO homeowner’s form comparison
3If the item’s current market value exceeds the itemized limit, up to the policy limit


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